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Swing Operator


The Air-Lec Swing Operator is adaptable to almost any type of swinging or folding door.  The pneumatic piston moves an arm that controls the swing of the door.  Each operator can be adjusted for up to 180° swinging range.  


  • Swinging or bi-folding doors

  • Most frequently used in cold storage applications such as large freezer doors

  • Ideal for 3- to 6-foot wide door openings

  • Two sizes available for doors over and under 500 lbs



Air-Lec staff recommend the mechanical contractor provide an air-line of not less than one-half inch pipe and a minimum of 0.3 cubic feet per cycle of free air at 80 psi within five feet of the center of the door opening. A shut-off valve should be installed on the air line to each door opening.


Every door opening requires one door operator per door panel, one control kit and one filter regulator kit. Extra control stations are available where more than two control stations per opening are desired. A dehydrator is recommended when excess moisture is present.


Download Specifications

See the Swing Operator in action...

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