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  • Does Air-Lec manufacture doors?
    No. We leave door manufacturing to the door-making professionals. We concentrate on what we do best, moving doors.
  • Does Air-Lec install their door operators?
    We do not maintain an installation staff, as we sell our operators worldwide. Each operating system we sell comes with clear and simple installation instructions, including templates and step-by-step procedures. Your own mechanical staff or almost anyone with mechanical knowledge can install an Air-Lec door operator in no time at all. If you run into issues during installation, our team is available for consult via phone or email.
  • Can I use an Air-Lec door operator on any door?
    Generally, yes. This is one of the best features of Air-Lec door operators. An Air-Lec operator can be used on almost any new or existing industrial door installation. We can automate just about any type of swinging, sliding or bi-folding door.
  • Are parts for Air-Lec door operators still available?
    This is one of the questions we hear most often. When a new Air-Lec door operator is installed, it may be many, many years before replacement parts may become necessary. Usually the need for parts is from damage to the operator, not from the operator failing in any way. For units manufactured prior to the 1960s, parts are no longer available. We have made many changes over the years to improve the quality and dependability of Air-Lec door operators. Believe it or not, there are many Air-Lec door operators installed in the 1920s and 1930s that are still in full operation. For questions on replacement parts for your specific operator, contact us.
  • Why are Air-Lec door operators so dependable?
    We know that any business needs to run in the most efficient manner possible in order to stay profitable. Dependable door automation can generate cost savings in many different ways that affect your bottom line. That's why we build the most dependable trouble-free door automation unit available. No gimmicks, electronic gadgetry and other “bells & whistles” that fail and cause delays and extra costs for you. Just simple, fast door automation.
  • Are Air-Lec door operators safe?
    Safe door automation has always been a priority here at Air-Lec. Doors using Air-Lec operators are held in place by only spring pressure, which is adjustable. Any door automated with an Air-Lec door operator can be easily operated by hand at any time. There is no danger of anyone being trapped in an unsafe environment because of an Air-Lec door operator. Doors in motion can be stopped by hand, and returned to either an open or closed position manually with no danger to anyone.
  • Are Air-Lec door operators available through an outlet near me?
    Air-Lec door operators are available throughout North America from our network of professional dealers. We evaluate each individual application to match the best type of door operator to fulfill your needs. Delivery from our factory in Madison, Wisconsin is quick and economical via parcel delivery services, or if necessary, by next-day air service.
  • What if my Air-Lec door operator isn’t working right?
    A complete troubleshooting guide is provided with the purchase of each Air-Lec door operator. This offers a step-by-step process to cure most any problem. Or, dial 608.244.4754 during regular business hours and you will be quickly connected with one of our staff who will help you get your Air-Lec door operator functioning as it should.
  • Can I use an Air-Lec door operator in an explosive environment?
    That’s another one of the best features of Air-Lec door operators. The operators themselves are pneumatically operated. Control kits to activate the operators come in either low-voltage electric, or totally pneumatic styles, with wall push-button or ceiling pull-cord switches. With a totally pneumatic system, there is no danger of electric spark.
  • How does the cost of an Air-Lec door operator compare to others?
    Air-Lec door operators are very competitively priced with other similar door operators. Although they may cost a little more up front, they will outlast and outperform comptetitors in the long run. In most cases, an Air-Lec door operator will create savings that meet the original cost in a year or less. But, it will pay for itself over and over again for decades to come.

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