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Pneumatic Air-Seal


The Air-Lec Air Seal connects in parallel with the swing operator and functions automatically with the operator. The pressurized cylinder releases the spring tension on the door, allowing it to open. Upon closing, the door contacts the fork, and the powerful spring firmly draws the door tight to prevent air circulation and frosting. The exhausting air acts as a cushion to prevent slamming. The air seal does not prevent manual operation of the door. A second Air-Lec Seal can be Installed on large doors.


  • Used in conjunction with the Swing In door operator, the Air Seal operator provides a tight seal for environmental control doors

  • Ideal for old, warped, wooden doors

  • Frequently used on cold storage doors or any swinging door where a positive seal is required


Air-Lec staff recommend the mechanical contractor provide an air-line of not less than one-half inch pipe and a minimum of 0.033 cubic feet of free air per cycle at 80 psi within five feet of the center of the door opening. A shut-off valve should be installed on the air line to each door opening.

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