Cold Storage Doors

Walk in cooler doors require precise operation and environmental isolation.  It is key to choose the right cold storage door for any temperature controlled environment.  

Air-Lec Industries has been serving the cold storage industry since the beginning.  Our Swing Operator has been widely popular for swinging freezer doors in commercial freezers, food processing, and all walk in refrigeration needs.  In combination with the Pneumatic Air-Seal, we can make environmental isolation easy.

Air-Lec Industrial Pneumatic Door Operators are also great for freezer sliding doors.   The Over Center Operator has been widely used for freezers, coolers, and walk-in refrigeration.  Air-Lec industrial sliding door openers can handle old, heavy freezer doors that may be tough to manually operate.

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Sliding Freezer Doors

Swinging Freezer Doors

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Inertia Cold Storage Application 1
Inertia Operator Seafood Application (3)
Inertia Operator Seafood Application (1)
Inertia Operator Seafood Application (2)
Inertia Operator Seafood Application (2)
Inertia Operator Seafood Application (1)
Inertia Cold Storage Application 3
Swinging Door Cold Storage  (5)
Cold Storage Application
Swinging Door Cold Storage  (4)
Swinging Door Cold Storage (3)
Swinging Door Cold Storage  (2)

Cold Storage Solutions


Air-Lec Swing operators are adaptable to almost any swinging or folding door.  The swing operator is Air-Lec's most popular walk in cooler door opening system.  This product is ideal for doors about 5 feet wide with two sizes available for doors over and under 500lbs.


The Inertia operator is a compact, two-fisted operator that uses one arm to quickly slide large doors, then gently but firmly slows the motion with the other arm.  The Inertia operator is commonly used is cattle auction houses and industrial warehouses with large sliding doors up to 30 feet wide.


An accessory to the Swing Operators, the Air-Seal creates a pneumatic seal to fully close doors.  The Pneumatic Air Seal is most frequently paired with the Swing Operator in cold storage doors.  The seal ensures environmental control for coolers and freezers.


The Over-Center is another Air-Lec sliding operator that is widely used in sliding freezer door applications.  The design uses a pneumatic piston in the center to slide doors smoothly across their tracks.  This operator is available for doors up to 6 feet wide and can handle weight up to 1,200lbs.