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About Air-Lec

Air-Lec was founded in 1921 by a University of Wisconsin Madison graduate named Louie Schoelkopf.  Schoelkopf was a an entrepreneur with many business ventures including a Ford dealership, agricultural equipment sales, hospital equipment design, and much more.  

Schoelkopf found a need for an automatic door operator for customers to more easily drive into his dealerships.  This led to the creation of one of the first ever automatic door operators.  Louie's design was durable, simple and easy to maintain.  Now, nearly 100 years later, Air-Lec door operators are used all over the world.

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Air-Lec Today

By combining traditional wisdom with modern technology, our craftsmen deliver products that embody the best of both worlds. For nearly a century, Air-Lec has steadily evolved its manufacturing processes while retaining committed to ageless quality.

There is a standard by which we run this company and stand behind our products. That standard is Made in America. More than a slogan or catch phrase, Made in America is our belief in treating our customers like neighbors. We give our best effort with each and every project, because like a valued neighbor, we want to build relationships that stand the test of time.

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Air-Lec Representatives

Air-Lec is still located in Madison, WI and utilizes a skilled team of representatives to help customers select the best pneumatic operator for their needs.  

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