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Warehouse Doors

Industrial warehouse doors are often heavy duty and difficult to automate.  However, Air-Lec Industries has the solution.  Heavy duty sliding doors on tracks and rollers can be automated using Air-Lec pneumatic sliding door systems.  

Air-Lec Industries has been serving the industrial warehouse industry since the beginning.  Specifically, the Inertia industrial operator can move heavy duty warehouse doors up to 30 feet wide and thousands of pounds in weight.

Sliding warehouse doors are commonly found in loading docks, manufacturing facilities, industrial plants, and on large fire doors.  Air-Lec door opening systems are powerful and easily installed using compressed air, commonly found in warehouses.  These automatic sliding doors work seamlessly for decades once installed.  

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Heavy Duty Warehouse Doors

Industrial Sliding Door Openers

Warehouse Door Solutions


The Inertia operator is a compact, two-fisted operator that uses one arm to quickly slide large doors, then gently but firmly slows the motion with the other arm.  The Inertia operator is commonly used in industrial warehouses with large sliding doors up to 30 feet wide.


The Over-Center is Air-Lec's most popular explosion proof door opener for heavy duty sliding doors. The design uses a pneumatic piston in the center to slide doors smoothly across their tracks.  This operator is available for doors up to 6 feet wide and can handle weight up to 1,200lbs. 

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