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Heavy duty sliding doors on tracks and rollers are commonly found in agricultural facilities such as cattle auction houses.  Being a manufacturer in America's dairy state, Wisconsin, Air-Lec has a long history of automating doors for the agriculture industry.

Sliding barn doors are necessary when working with livestock.  An industrial sliding door system can greatly increase the ability to control traffic flow of cattle in and out of barns and auction houses.  

Air-Lec sliding door operators have been used at livestock facilities to automate sliding barn doors and not only protect the users but improve overall flow and transitions during livestock auctions.  These pneumatic door opening systems are highly robust and can withstand the wear and tear placed on them in a harsh environment such as this.

Air-Lec Inertia Sliding Door Opener at a Cattle Auction Facility

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The Inertia operator is a compact, two-fisted operator that uses one arm to quickly slide large doors, then gently but firmly slows the motion with the other arm.  The Inertia operator is commonly used in cattle auction houses that require a robust, industrial sliding barn door to manage livestock.

The Over-Center is another Air-Lec sliding operator that can be used on heavy duty sliding barn doors.  The design uses a pneumatic piston in the center to slide doors smoothly across their tracks.  This operator is available for doors up to 6 feet wide and can handle weight up to 1,200lbs. 

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