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Air-Lec Family of Products

Built to serve a variety of needs

The original Air-Lec Door Operators were the brain child of a businessman who wanted to save time, energy and most importantly, money in the operation of his business. Through decades of evolution, our operators now serve a diverse selection of uses world-wide.

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From increasing efficiency and dependability to enhancing production and diversity of use, we never stop trying to find ways to deliver more value to our customers.

In addition to factory doors, our systems are used in a variety of unique applications as well, such as:

  • Opening and closing molds used in manufacturing large truck tires

  • Moving gates and walls to create different enclosure options at zoos

  • Closing and opening doors at theme parks

  • Playing a film role in Norma Rae


We're here to help

We routinely work with customers to deliver door operating systems that fit the needs of their business and strive to continuously find ways to improve our products to meet customer needs. All of our products are proudly engineered and manufactured in the U.S.A.


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Our Products

For sliding doors ranging from 5 - 30 feet wide.  Click to read more.

For swinging door openings ranging from 3 - 6 feet wide.  Click to read more.

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For sliding doors up to 6 feet wide.  Click to read more.

air-seal drawing.png

An accessory to the Swing Operators, the Air-Seal creates a pneumatic seal to fully close doors.

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