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Explosion Proof Doors

All Air-Lec pneumatic door opening systems are explosion proof doors.  These industrial door openers are 100% powered by air!  The system utilizes pneumatic pistons and non-sparking materials.  Bomb proof doors are essential for:

  • Chemical Plants

  • Nuclear Power Plants

  • Gas Utility Plants

  • Explosive Facilities

  • Industrial Bakeries

  • Oil Refineries

  • Coal Preparation Plants

  • Defense & Aerospace Facilities

  • Other Hazardous Manufacturing

Explosion proof doors require that the system operates without the use of electrical components.  All Air-Lec automatic openers can be configured with and explosion proof switch box and spark resistant components.  Air-Lec Industries has been supplying safe, reliable door automation to volatile environments for nearly 100 years.  Utilize an explosion proof door you can trust!

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Sliding Explosion Proof Doors in Action

Explosion Proof Solutions


The Over-Center is Air-Lec's most popular explosion proof door opener for heavy duty sliding doors. The design uses a pneumatic piston in the center to slide doors smoothly across their tracks.  This operator is available for doors up to 6 feet wide and can handle weight up to 1,200lbs. 


The Inertia operator is a compact, two-fisted operator that uses one arm to quickly slide large doors, then gently but firmly slows the motion with the other arm.  The Inertia operator is used on the heaviest of explosion proof doors up to 30 feet wide.

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