Swing & Fold Operators

How it works

Using the principle of an automobile piston, the Air-Lec Swing Door Operator is adaptable to almost any type of swinging or folding door. Built-in features include adjustable operating speed, cushioned closing and automatic emergency manual operation.

Experienced Air-Lec Industries staff can provide direct assistance recommending the right opener and accessories (i.e. air filter-regulators, control kits, etc.), meeting your exact needs.

Installation requirements and specificationsSwingInscan

Air-Lec staff recommend the mechanical contractor provide an air-line of not less than one-half inch pipe and a minimum pressure of 80 psi to a point within five feet of the center of the door opening. A shut-off valve should be installed on the air line to each door opening.

Every door opening requires one door operator per door panel, one control kit and one filter regulator kit. Extra control stations are available where more than two control stations per opening are desired. A dehydrator is recommended when excess moisture is present.

Download a Swing In Door Operator Specification Sheet

See the Swing & Fold Operator in action!