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Can you Afford to Close the Door on Profits?

Posted by Chris Kauten on Apr 5, 2017 3:41:51 PM


Let’s face it…Manpower, Fuel, Heating and Cooling are costly…and they won’t get any cheaper in the future. However, you can save thousands of dollars every year in plant or warehouse by installing Air-Lec Automatic Door Operators. And we’ll give you seven reason why.


  1. Manpower is the most expensive resource you can use. Because Air-Lec Automatic Door Operators improve employee morale, they save employee time and they save YOU money.
  2. Air-Lec Automatic Door Operator can help speed the flow of traffic throughout your plant or warehouse….Keeping your production lines supplies on time. Because they save lift trucks time, they save YOU money.
  3. Heating cost have soared and experts predict a continued increase. Because Air-Lec Door Operators operate quickly and efficiently, preventing unnecessary heat loss, they YOU, Money.
  4. Air condition or refrigeration is vital to many industries, including food processing and storage. Yet, cooling costs, too, have risen. Because Air-Lec Automatic Door Operators can reduce cooling loss and reduce product spoilage, they save YOU money.
  5. Door open manually are abused more often and requires more upkeep. Because Air-Lec Automatic Door Operators reduce door maintained, and require little maintenance themselves, they save YOU money.
  6. Many industries find that a controlled environment is essential to maintain product quality. Efficient Air-Lec Automatic Door Operators equipped with the Air-Lec Operators air seal close securely to ensure a positive seal. Because they operate quickly. Air-Lec operators eliminate excess contamination excess contaminate, and Air-Lec air seal maintain controlled environment preserving product quality to save YOU money
  7. Installing new doors in you plant or warehouse could be expensive. If you have swinging, sliding or folding doors, sing or double. Air-Lec Automatic Door Operators can be installed on the existing door…and save YOU money.

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