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Posted by Chris Kauten on Mar 21, 2017 2:06:48 PM

There is standard by which we run this company and stand behind our product. That standard is MADE IN AMERICA. More than a slogan or catch phrase, Made IN AMERICA is our belief in treating our customers like neighbors. We give our BEST effort, EVERYTIME, because we’d be embarrassed to give our neighbors anything less.

Air-Lec product are made by craftsmen combining old world wisdom and new world technology. Our manufacturing process have evolved for nearly 100 years while retaining what is good and right with our commitment to quality.

Air-Lec has employed pneumatics since our inception. Combined with quality materials and craftsmanship our customers have enjoyed decades of trouble-free, cost-effective operation.

Find out how you can get the Air-Lec Advantage. Go to our website at now for more details, call Chris or Cynthia, during normal business hours.

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